What’s up

29 November 2019
 have recently performed at a big house party (that means in a home) and at an open mic in town; both much fun and a good experience. Think i’ll try to get some more gigs in people’s homes!
10 November 2019
Cooping with the darkness of the season, processing the new songs forward – the words getting along with each other. most of the time. the guitar and the piano are my friends and helps me finding the way to tell you my stories.
25 October 2019
Home again from the big trip in USA! It was even more remarkable than I ever could have imagined… Now work-in-progress with lyrics and chords, the new songs that are coming from all the inspiration and impressions from the travel. A performance will take place, next spring in my plans, a recording, so there’s a lot of work to continue with!
3 September 2019
Counting the days til I’m going on MY BIG TRIP CROSS THE USA!!!
I’ll be crossing 15 states with train, writing new songs, working with  not-yet-ready ones, listen to people, chat with people on the way, lose myself in all the different landscapes that’ll be passing by. That I’ll be passing by. Start in Chicago the 29th of September, end up in New York the 11th of October where I will stay for a couple of days. Some performances will take place, in one or another way.
Until then I’ll will hopefully recover from my vocal cord inflammation – I have to be quiet for more then a week!!! And then no voice effort for another two-three… It’s hard, really hard…